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Making Every Moment Special

Helping families express love through sharing.
We at LT Foods believe that nature will continue to nurture us until we as a species continue to breathe and live. All nature needs is someone to harvest her bounty and deliver it, in all its goodness to the millions of people who deserve no less.

Sustainably Produced Finest Indian Basmati Rice With 100% Traceability

Expanding Our Global Footprint

Selection of the finest grains taking the greatest care to bring it to its own safe state-of-the-art factories, carefully stored, carefully aged, and processed each grain, and presented it in the finest manner to you.

Bringing to You The Finest



1. Selection of the finest grains from Northern India

Carefully Transported

Carefully Transported

2. We take the greatest care to ship the farmed paddy to our factories in Bahalgarh, India

Safely Transported

Safely Transported

3. This rice is safely stored and carefully packaged to get distributed



4. Carefully aged and processed, each grain is presented in the finest manner to you

Greatest Quality Delivered Now

We grow our rice in the finest conditions in select parts of Northern India and create this product with precise aging, processing, and integrity.




    Quality Assurance




    Milling and Processing

From Farm to Plate

Our Unique Octa-Q Process Guarantees the Finest Grains of Basmati Rice in Every Pack, Every Time

Raw rice is purchased from farmers and local mandis from all over the north of India and the Himalayan foothills. Every grain of DAAWAT basmati rice can be traced back to the paddy fields of its origin. We work with farmers to educate them on the use of pesticides, and we are proudly registered on the Global Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) that encourages farmers to grow residue complaint products in light of changing global food safety norms.

Everything That Defines Us

Our Core Values and Beliefs

With harvesting the finest produce from nature comes a solemn responsibility to package only the best specialty grains and foodstuffs for families across the world. Our seamlessly integrated operations have access and control over the entire supply chain from farm to fork.

Investment in Innovation

Without constantly redefining the limits of how we do business, LT Foods could never stay at the forefront of a challenging food industry by constantly innovating our products and processes.

Integrated Business Model

An uncompromisingly dedicated team implements and monitors efficiency initiatives at the back-end to stay competitive in the industry.

Brand Focus

Our steady and sustained focus on creating a vibrant portfolio has resulted in the success of several brands like DAAWAT, Rroyal, Ecolife, Devaaya, and many more.

Expanding Footprint

A constantly growing distribution network helps us stay a leading brand globally. We launched DAAWAT in 6 additional countries this year.

Sustainable Growth

Outpacing the industry with a 70% contribution from branded specialty food products.

Customer-Centric Products

Understanding what the customer wants and needs is key to providing products that are peerless in quality and offer value for money.

A Culture of Ownership

Accountability to the people, responsibility for our product, and respect for everyone.

Excellence in Operations

An uncompromisingly dedicated team implements and monitors efficiency initiatives at the back-end to stay competitive in the industry.

Ethical Business Practices

Operate processes with sincerity and honesty to deliver the best product possible.